Complaint management (whistleblower) platform to prevent and detect wrongdoings

ALIAS is a secure SaaS web-based whistleblowing/reporting platform. ALIAS receives, analyzes, investigates, and processes reports of wrongdoing related to harassment, abuse, fraud, and other unethical behaviours that may occur in a work, public, or athletic environment. Its highly secure external platform offers organizations a powerful, anonymous and confidential mechanism for employees and stakeholders. ALIAS proudly works with many municipalities providing services for employees, citizens, or both.

Alias has measured that 94% of complainants are satisfied or very satisfied with the Complaints Officer work

ALIAS has a 97% client retention rate

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Case Study

Ville de Québec

Number of potential users: ~550,000 Citizens of Quebec City

Active contract since 2018

Topics Covered:

  • Fraud, Misconduct, Public Contracts


  • Complaints come in via the ALIAS reporting mechanism
  • The hyperlink and telephone details are easily accessible on the city’s website
  • All the reference tools to determine when, how and why to make a complaint are in one place.
  • The Auditor General of Quebec City is notified as soon as the report is submitted and is responsible for following up in accordance protocol set-out in the Quebec City policy
  • The person filing a complaint can choose to remain anonymous and be communicated with via the reporting tool
  • Conflict management protocols are in place to ensure proper handling of reports
  • Reports are generated for the City to be able to provide aggregate-level data on the program outcomes

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Case Study

Ville de Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu

Number of potential users: Over 1,000 employees

Active contract since December 2022

Topics Covered:

  • Harassment
  • Human resources issues
  • Wrongdoing
  • Public contracts
  • Domestic violence


  • Whistleblowing reporting mechanism
  • Reception, analysis and management of files, coordination, follow-up


  • City employees now have access to the ALIAS platform in their internal portal to report any unethical or inappropriate behavior
  • This city was the first municipality to use the ALIAS platform for reports of domestic violence.
  • Employees can confidentially report their situation and get help and services without having to identify themselves to their employer or colleagues.
  • ALIAS receives and coordinates everything with great kindness and ensures follow-up between the various stakeholders to ensure a highly useful emotional safety net.
  • ALIAS provides case management, which is especially helpful in addressing sensitive and complex files.

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“I felt that we were listened to & understood, which was very much appreciated in a particularly emotional situation .”   

“Although it was a difficult situation, the support I received made it much easier. The explanations are clear, the steps are well explained and the follow-up during and after the process was very appreciated. I learned a lot and it is very reassuring to know that such a service exists. I would not hesitate to recommend Alias if unfortunately someone needed it. Thank you so much.”

“Everyone was very responsive and offered solutions and support. In an environment where I was on my own, I felt more comfortable because of the Alias team. Thank you again for your support.”

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