James Moller

James Moller

Action-oriented, collaborative, and communicative

James Moller


Courtenay, BC

Vancouver Island, BC and Saskatchewan




Bachelor's Degree

Senior Public Administrator and accomplished Leader

Bachelor’s degree in Economics, certified in Local Government Administration, Emergency Preparedness

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Work Experience

First Credit Union & Insurance

Human Resources Manager (Contract)

April 2018 — Present

Provide leadership and management of the human resources function of the First Credit Union and subsidiaries representing just under $400 million in assets, including recruiting and selection, training and development, compensation, and employee relations.

• Actively provided consultative services to the senior leadership team and managers on issues related to legal and procedural compliance, and internal support to employees in all areas of Human Resources.
• Employer’s representative in contract negotiations for two separate bargaining units within the BCGEU.
• Tracked, analyzed and reported metrics, identifying trends and making recommendations to workforce planning and business realignments.
• Implemented and conducted a comprehensive employee survey in conjunction with a full review and market tender, and implementation of an Employees Benefits Plan.

JDM Consulting

Principal Consultant

February 2015 — Present

Relocated to the Comox Valley to support my wife’s RMT practice. While I continued searching for permanent employment I volunteered with the local rotary club, Comox Minor Hockey Association, School District 71, and Knights of Columbus. I also began doing consulting work in areas of human resources and facilitating organizational development/change, including re-visioning, strategic planning and creative problem-solving.

City of Colwood

Chief Administrative Officer

February 2014 — February 2015

Maintained accountability for overall administration and human resource management for a full-service municipality serving 17,000 citizens. Mentored and guided a team of 75 employees, and responsible for a Capital and Operating budget of $24 million.

• Spokesperson for the City in contract negotiations with CUPE through the auspices of the Greater Victoria Labour Relations Association.
• Initiated and finalized negotiation of an amended Collective Agreement with CUPE, which facilitated a modified work schedules for RCMP Watch Clerks, Court Liaisons and Bylaw Enforcement Personnel, reducing overtime costs by over $20,000 per year.
• Collaborated with staff to develop a more effective Corporate Employee Performance Appraisal System tying the staff performance evaluation process to the specific duties, responsibilities and requirements of individual job descriptions, and to Corporate Values.
• Prepared a detailed and comprehensive Request for Proposal to undertake a study to examine the service capacity and skills of the City employee complement across all departments, to ensure the successful delivery of a suite of current and proposed City services and Strategic Priorities.
• After engaging with employees and stakeholders to facilitate more efficient and productive ways of working, delivering municipal services, and accommodating a shortage of workspace, I developed and oversaw the redesign of the workplace configuration.

City of Humboldt

Chief Administrative Officer

September 2010 — February 2014

Maintained accountability for overall administration, financial health, and human resource management for a full-service municipality and serving a population of 6,500 and regional service centre to 35,000. Mentored and guided a team of 80 employees, and responsible for a Capital and Operating budget of $17 million.

• Successfully negotiated several Collective Agreements with CUPE including a complete initial rewrite; and as a result, developed and maintained a stronger relationship with the Union and its members.
• Redeveloped the wage matrix for the entire organization which reinforced continued training and retention of employees in a competitive labour region.
• Undertook a full organizational review evaluating existing and proposed city systems including restructuring of departments in order to promote customer responsiveness, increased service levels, and financial accountability with strategic priorities.
• Provided strong leadership to several strategic plans and tax initiatives using collaborative planning and engagement techniques that contributed to developing a vibrant Downtown Business Improvement District ̶ creating effective and complimentary downtown zoning, and Downtown Revitalization Tax Bylaw.
• Generated interest for inter-municipal tenders for various municipal and service supplies saving the City over $200,000 in the first year; and created the business case for our provincial association to launch a comprehensive provincial purchasing program.
• Initiated provincial dialogue that resulted in a participation of a pilot with the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia that saw the advancement of tangible capital asset analysis with asset management capacity building and sound business practice to develop long-term financial plans for all asset classes.
• Developed dialogue and progression towards collaborative regional planning with regional partners Established RM of Humboldt and City of Humboldt District Planning Committee; and initiated a comprehensive review that led to the revision of all development and planning bylaws and agreements to deliver cost recovery and provide continued growth opportunities.
• Acted on an opportunity to create a legacy for the City, in which the old St. Elizabeth's Hospital property, comprising of 15 acres, was secured for roughly $1 million. The business plan with a net-zero cost saw the convent to be re-purposed for community services, available land to complete the necessary water reservoir expansion at the city's water treatment plant, sale of a 4-acre parcel zoned for high-density residential, future city-facilitated single-family housing development, and the sustainability of an existing 5 acre established park.
• Oversaw in the final leg of a major P3 project with a new High School and College being attached to the existing Multi-Purpose Recreation Facility, with a year around Aquatic Center, Ice Arena, 6 sheet curling rink and a convention center. Fostered and developed a successful Joint operating agreement and Joint Use Agreement, in order to provide value to this collaborative concept and access to school facilities for community groups after school hours; Use of City recreational facilities by students during school hours; and shared use of sports fields by students and community sport groups.

Lakeview Improvement District

Chief Administrative Officer

July 2004 — September 2010

Responsible for the administrative, including human resources, and financial management of one of the largest improvement districts in BC, providing many local government services including water, fire protection, recreation and street lighting for a population of 13,000, with an annual budget of $3.5 million.

• Directed successful negotiation of an inaugural Collective Agreement with CUPE prior to the District’s dissolution which saw all staff assume similar roles with the new municipality.
• Initiated operational efficiencies that allowed for a 30% growth rate over four years, while maintaining the same level of staffing.
• Sought consensus to form the Westside Joint Water Committee. This collaborative effort championed improved water-management through standardization, bulk purchasing agreements, education, and introduction of water meters to ensure a sustainable, affordable, and high-quality water resource for future generations.
• Implemented long-term financial strategies including asset management planning and new capital works plans to ensure sustainability, efficiency and regulatory compliance.
• Instrumental in creating provincial dialogue that resulted with adopting responsible recreational trail development policies that protect water quality; the establishment and funding for a designated Recreational Management Zone; and the licensing and regulation of off-road vehicles through a resolution to UBCM sponsored by the District of West Kelowna.
• Participatory member with Tolko and Gorman Brothers to research strategies for developing effective and best management logging practice standards to ensure protection of the watershed. These same standards have been adopted in other regions of the province where there is significant risk from unmanaged harvesting.
• Managed many significant Capital Infrastructure projects: Dunswater Diversion, Raising of Big Horn Dam, and Emergency Interconnections between differing jurisdictions.
• Recipient of the 2009 Al Brockley Leadership Award.

Black Mountain Irrigation District

Assistant District Administrator (COO)

November 1999 — July 2004

Reported directly to the Chief Administrative Officer and was advisor to the Board of Trustees. Responsible for the administrative, including human resources, and financial management of the District, which served a population of over 22,000, and an annual budget of $5 million.

• Managed several significant Capital Infrastructure projects, including a 105 ML/day water treatment plant which was constructed for $3.5 million. Through the design, tendering and construction phases we were able to keep the project on schedule and on budget.

• Received the prestigious Brian Harvey Award of Excellence in 2002, which is given to a Public or Corporate Body that has demonstrated a high standard of service to the public and their achievements in the water industry.

City of Kelowna

Program Coordinator, Partners in Parks (Contract Position)

October 1998 — November 1999

This inaugural one-year contract position required working with community groups and agencies to promote community involvement and coordination of various public and private partnership programs. Successful in launching many public private partnership projects that provided community facilities and services without affecting or relying upon general taxation. The success of this program is evident today with a full staff compliment dedicated to the ongoing development of new public-private partnership opportunities.

• Instrumental in strengthening community through partnerships with stakeholders that wished to refresh and enhance local parks, reducing the reliance on tax dollars. A main focus was the fundraising and community engagement for the 18-acre Ben Lee Park which included: Skate park, Water park, Playground, Lacrosse / Multipurpose Box, Washrooms, Change rooms, Concession, 1Km Trail, Native Plant Garden and Fountain as well as plentiful Open Activity Area.


Capilano University

Honors - Local Government Administration Certificate

2009 — Present

University of Victoria

BA (Economics and Commerce)

1994 — Present