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MotherClock Inc.

Modernizing payroll technology

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MotherClock is a fully integrated time tracking payroll platform. On-site employees use a wall-mounted tablet and field employees use their smartphones to sign in and out of work. Work time and payroll is automatically calculated. Management can login to review the results, make changes if necessary and with the click of a button send payment instructions to their bank to pay their employees, taxes and deductions as well as file the necessary reports with the Canada Revenue Agency.



Success Story:

MotherClock Backstory
By Jeff Sayers (Co-founder)

At my parents’ grocery store in Apsley, ON for decades we used a punch clock to track employee work time but calculating the work time took several hours a week. When I moved home after University I started modernizing old processes and equipment at the store, the time clock being one of my initiatives. We tried a few modern time tracking systems and there were different reasons why each one wouldn’t work for us (cost prohibitive, inadequate interface, high fail rates on biometric ID, etc.). Unable to find something suitable on the market, and having moonlighted as a web and software developer since I was 16 years old, I decided to build my own solution. I mounted an iPad to the wall and built an app which enabled employees to sign in and out. On the back end I wrote the logic necessary for the system to automatically calculate the work time and identify overtime and holidays. From there I thought it would be brilliant if we could transmit the data to the bank for payroll processing with the click of a button. I partnered with an old friend from Barrie, ON who established relationships with some of the largest banks in Canada who now work with us to facilitate payroll processing for our users. Another Apsley area business owner heard about what I had built and invested seed funding for me to rebuild the app in a highly scalable way and we launched it in Jan (2019)

Hi Jeff - just to let you know this app has been working amazing...we all love it!!!!!!

- Lisa Hancock, Deck Transport Ltd.