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Predictive Success empowers clients to maximize the potential of their people and leaders.

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Predictive Success Corporation™ is a Canadian Certified Partner of The Predictive Index®, a privately held international management consulting company.

Through a comprehensive system of proven talent management methodologies, knowledge sharing programs, and an integrated technology platform, Predictive Success enables individuals and organizations to optimize the performance of their employees, teams and leaders.

Utilizing a differentiated approach allows our over 700 North American clients to identify and engage the behaviours and motivations that lead to sustained improvement. Having trained over 5000 leaders, we are trusted advisors within Canada’s top private and public sector organizations including municipalities, police services, and government agencies.


Canada and the United States

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Articles by Predictive Success Corporation:

Leading succession and employee development with talent optimization at the City of Ottawa

Administration, Human Resources

Thursday, September, 29th, 2022

Ottawa, Canada’s capital and fourth largest city, is home to more than 1 million people and houses some of Canada’s most famous tourist attractions. It is the role of the City of Ottawa to “provide day-to-day services that enhance citizen’s …

Are Your People Being Poached? It Might Be Time for a Leadership Check-up.

Administration, Human Resources, Newsletters for Municipalities, Team Building

Friday, April, 29th, 2022

In the 2016 Ontario Municipal Chief Administrative Officer Survey, CAOs identified “poaching” of their employees as a significant problem. One CAO bluntly summed up the issue, “It feels like the succession plan of some of my neighbours is just to …

Great Coaching Begins with a Foundation of Trust

Administration, Human Resources, Newsletters for Municipalities, Team Building, Training

Tuesday, March, 15th, 2022

A coaching relationship involves two (or more) people who make up one team. Two people, same team, sounds obvious enough. Sometimes, however, coaching initiatives will bypass this fundamental consideration and drive headlong into the transactional stuff of imparting information. People …