Wavelength Ltd.

Wavelength Ltd.

We provide training in three areas: writing, presenting, and meeting skills.

Jody Bruner, BA, MA, President



500 King Street W, Suite 300 Toronto, ON M5V 1L9

We’re passionate about clarity, obsessed with quality and dedicated to helping our clients achieve success through their documents, presentations and meetings. We are a team of learning experts, designers, salespeople and client services staff with deep experience and boundless enthusiasm for teaching you skills that are critical to your success.
Our mission is to ensure municipal employees learn communication skills that help them:
– Persuade audiences to approve recommendations
– Increase productivity
– Strengthen relationships with clients, peers, leaders and stakeholders
– Influence others and get buy-in
– Project themselves as capable, confident contributors to their teams


Canada/USA/ and beyond

Success Story:

York Region comprises a group of municipalities just north of Toronto. York Region councilors need to read more than 40 technical reports every month. To make these reports more readable, the Chief Administrative Officer’s office asked us to customize a report writing workshop. We started by presenting an executive session for the Commissioners and the CAO. Then we rolled out two-day Report Writing for Municipalities courses for all senior managers and report writers—over 500 people! We hear that the Councilors appreciate the talking headers, which allow them to scan the reports quickly. Improving their productivity allows them more time to do their jobs, look after their constituents and concentrate on local projects that really matter in their communities.

Our clients are important to us: http://wavelength.training/about-wavelength/our-clients/

Based on the results we’ve seen, we have found that Wavelength’s courses are well worth the investment.

- York Region

Awards, Certificates or Designations

  • Over 50 years experience delivering communication skills training
  • Support clients locally and globally
Amazing! You know your audience. This course gave me the tools to build some confidence in my writing.

- Ernst & Young (assurance, tax services, consulting)

I would also like to share the Effective Business Writing course rates as one of the top five courses I have taken at and outside of RBC. The facilitator did a fantastic job, understood her audience and kept the course at an appropriate pace.

- RBC Investor Services