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muniLEARN provides a variety of powerful learning programs and certifications delivered digitally, to ensure your investment in training is aligned with today’s expectations for your people and your organization.

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Leadership Soft Skills for Training Today’s Leaders

Accelerate your leadership & performance

PERFORM® Leadership Soft Skills training identifies soft skills gaps and delivers tangible, real-life competency-based skills which improve individual performance by delivering the confidence and tools to do the job better and better.

Do you have what it takes to be a leader?

Take our free assessments and we’ll recommend a solution targeted to key leadership development areas for your team. This makes it easy for organizations to develop their leaders, managers and individuals for maximum benefit to both the individual and your organization – effectively and easily.

Professional Certifications

Internationally accredited professional certifications delivered digitally ensure your people have real certifications supporting your organization and your investment in training. muniLEARN offers dynamic, interactive and internationally accredited online courses in Project Management, Change Management, Financial Management, Risk Management and Service Management.

Our Learning Partners

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Direct access to a variety of innovative digital learning management solutions for today’s modern organizations. We’ve scoured the continent to find valuable learning partners with incredible timesaving products and services for you with special value pricing only for muniSERV members!


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Juice Inc.

Energize your essential people

Juice designs transformative training programs, creates and leads team-building seminars and exercises for better innovation and problem-solving, plus ways to improve employee engagement. 

We’ve helped the public and private sectors all over the world — from just a few employees to tens of thousands – utterly transform themselves. 

muniSERV Members receive a free E-Book by our founder Brady Wilson!

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Burgess And Associates

Bylaw and Animal Control Officer Accreditation and Certification, Conflict Avoidance Training

Burgess And Associates is a leading edge training company

for Bylaw Enforcement Officer accreditation and approved/vetted Conflict Avoidance Training courses.

Our 25 years’ experience and recognized Subject Matter Experts on staff combine to give your Municipality the highest quality, vetted training available today.

muniSERV Members receive a bonus module for online courses (ask us for details), and volume discounts for all our courses!

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Payroll is complicated!
We make it simple.

Simplify and modernize your employee time tracking and payroll management process with MotherClock.

muniSERV Members receive a free tablet, installation and training with the purchase of a 12-month Essentials or Professional plan.

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Start Ripples of Open and Honest Feedback, within Your Teams, Today

We’ve lived through the old ways of evaluating workplace performance and employee interaction. Now we’re changing them for the better by ditching the dreaded annual review.

You can gather timely, meaningful, anonymous data from your workplace colleagues  to facilitate employee engagement and drive self-awareness. 

During April, May & June 2020, Ripple is offering monthly subscriptions at a 50%
discount ($2.50/month/user vs. $5.00) to help organizations during this crisis. muniSERV Members receive a 15% discount off their first-year subscription!

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Affordable, Accessible Coaching
& Mentorship for Your People

73% of organizations say leading people is the most important workplace skill. Don’t let your leadership potential remain hidden.

Quickly master key skills with interactive feedback from an expert.

“The knowledge and skills I learned at LevellingUp have changed me!” – Alice (engineer)

muniSERV Members receive a 10% discount!

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Learning Zen

World’s Easiest Course-Builder
Learning Management System

Our easy to use course builder walks clients through a step-by-step program creation. Easily create your own digital courses from the training material you already have and even customize the course experience with things like assessments, quizzes and instructor-led course management

muniSERV Members receive a 10% discount off of the standard pricing!

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