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Emergenetics Ontario

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Gail Green, President



226 Holloway Terr Milton, ON L9T 0S1

Emergenetics International–Ontario is an official Canadian representative and distributor for Emergenetics International products. Use Cognitive Diversity to Your Advantage And Transform Your Organization!

We are an organizational development consulting company dedicated to expanding the capabilities of the one thing most valuable to every one of our clients—their people. At our core, we are experts in the way people think, behave and communicate and we apply this to every facet of the way organizations work and the way people understand themselves.

Emergenetics is defined by how we create clearer definition for others—we are in essence Moving Thinking Forward.
We are grounded in science having dedicated over 20 years of research to developing tools to better understand each individual’s thinking and behavioral preferences—now we have a full suite of products and services that bring new understanding to organizations all over the world.

Emergenetics is a global brand with hundreds of clients throughout the world and products for:

  • Hiring
  • Employee Development
  • Management and Organizational Development
  • Employee Feedback


9a.m. - 5 p.m.

Success Story:

Natural Specialty Sales Canada, and Acosta company (NSSC) has been using Emergenetics profiles since 2015 to help work more effectively as a team. Knowing how peers think is beneficial for collaboration and discussions resulting in valuable outcomes. Emergenetics profiles, group profiles and suggestions on communication assist us in producing favourable outcomes when directing and/or discussing issues of any level.

NSSC uses Emergenetics testing internally to better decide if a current employee is a possible fit for another role in the company. The Emergenetics profile provides NSSC managers with insight when interviewing potential internal candidates.

Emergenetics testing for new hiring is assisting NSSC to understand candidates, flag for motivational strains and give tools for interviewing. The Emergenetics hiring tool allows NSSC to devise more direct questions and dive further into the results, which allow for better decision making with candidate selection.
Sherrie Bogojevic, Director, Client Development
Acosta | Natural Specialty Sales Canada

Emergenetics takes the guesswork out of building effective tools. It creates an objective way for people to talk about their strengths, preferences, and blind spots. We've done lots of other personality profiles and strengths tests throughout the years, and Emergenetics replaced them all.

- Seth Partridge, Client Success Team Lead, Intrigue Media Solutions Inc.

Increased awareness of different preferences among team members. Now we embrace the disagreement, understanding we all approach things differently. Created work productivity by strategically forming a team who can compliment each other's attributes.

- Satoko Nakajima, VP of Operations and Finance, Green Circle Salons

Using Emergenetics, my clients often discover why they may have been misunderstood or challenged in the past. It has given them a foundation on which to build new expertise, and careers. This self-awareness has become fundamental to programs, services and coaching that I deliver in my business.

- Helen Hirsch Spence, Founder / CEO, Top 60 Over 60