Innovative Stormwater Management Solutions: GreenStorm Stormwater Boxes


Who is Stormcon?

Stormcon is an industry-leading stormwater management solutions provider, located at 69 Connie Crescent in Concord, Ontario. Specializing in engineering and design with a commitment to optimizing valuable real estate, Stormcon distinguishes itself through innovation and technological advancements. Their dedication extends to enhancing the stormwater management industry both in Ontario and internationally.

What is GreenStorm?

Excavator supported by GreenStorm blocks

Figure 1: A live demonstration featured a CAT 345 excavator standing freely on 10 GreenStorm blocks, with 5 supporting each track. The excavator, weighing as much as approximately 20 half-ton pickup trucks, remained in this configuration for about 45 days. The conclusion of the demonstration saw the excavator safely brought down, leaving both GreenStorm and its surroundings undamaged

GreenStorm, an innovative stormwater management solution exclusively produced and distributed by Stormcon for the North American market, originates from Germany and boasts a successful track record of over 30 years across Europe. What sets GreenStorm apart from other solutions is its remarkable ability to withstand up to 27 tonnes of vertical loading, while being composed of up to 70% recycled polypropylene plastic. Despite its robust construction, it remains exceptionally lightweight, facilitating easy handling in the field.

With a 100% inspectable design and a 96% void ratio, GreenStorm maximizes water storage efficiency. Engineered to meet CL-625-ONT Live Load requirements, it complies with Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code standards, adheres to ISO Standard 4981, and is an approved stormwater management product through The Road Authority agency. GreenStorm can be stacked up to 5 layers high (3.30 m) and comes with accessories such as Access Shafts, which allows for surface access without the need for human entry. Typically installed beneath roads, parking lots, and green spaces, GreenStorm combines durability, sustainability, and practicality in stormwater management.

How does GreenStorm Benefit Our Community?

Community & Environment

  • Significantly reduces sediment entering the natural environment by eliminating the risk of embankment erosion, a common issue in conventional stormwater management facilities.
  • Enables the allocation of more parkland, fostering increased green space and community areas.
  • Eliminates the potential risk of drowning, a concern often associated with traditional stormwater management facilities.
  • Substantially reduces or eliminates mosquito breeding grounds, addressing a common issue linked to the transmission of West Nile Virus.


  • Facilitates the construction of additional homes, maximizing land utilization.
  • Local manufacturing generates jobs and stimulates the local economy across various sectors, including labor, trucking, manufacturing, construction, and management.
  • Yields parkland dedication benefits.
  • Boasts low operation and maintenance costs.

For more information on GreenStorm and Stormcon, contact us:

[email protected]
69 Connie Crescent, Unit 1, Concord, ON


Construction site with GreenStorm installation in progress  Construction site with GreenStorm installation in progress


What is IoT (Internet of Things) and How can it help government?

GovLoop Resources has produced a free guide on the Internet of Things (IoT) in Government.

What is IoT? How can it be used for impact in gov? How can you deploy it? 
Check out their new guide to move beyond the surface implications of IoT and understand the real value it can bring to government organizations. You will learn:

  • Key issues about the IoT by answering the most-asked questions.
  • Best practices from gov experts who play a critical role in IoT programs.
  • Valuable insights from interviews with various organizations using IoT.

Municipal Innovators Community (MIC)

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The Municipal Innovators Community is excited to present the second annual MIC Conference:

September 27 & 28th in Burlington, Ontario

muniSERV is delighted to announce we have been invited to showcase our innovative site at the MIC Conference. Hope to see you there!


The day will kick-off with Drew Dudley, who will help you understand how everyday leadership can set the stage for a culture of innovation and creative thinking. Co-founder of Keyhubs, Vikas Narula will then reinforce the importance of influence and human connection. Finally, Jennifer Spear, President and Creative Strategist at Cleanslate Strategies, will deliver a unique workshop that will help you be a better problem solver, strategic planner and make innovation and creativity a reality in your workplace.


Get ready to jump straight into ‘A Taste of White Space’ presented by Rick Boersma from Juice Inc. This workshop will demonstrate a cool way to capture innovation inspiration. The day continues with examples of innovative municipal programs and projects from across the country, presented by your municipal peers. Day two will wrap up with the CX Journey presented by Oracle. This is your chance to gain hands-on experience exploring this methodology and some real insight into the journey of your customers. 



DocuPet New Innovation

DocuPet Logo VMunicipal Pet Licensing: The Need for New Innovation

Municipal pet licence compliance is very low averaging at 10-15%. This is because most pet owners see little incentive for licensing their pet(s) other than avoiding a fine from municipal By-Law officers. In addition municipal licensing programs are outdate and not overly accessible or convenient.

With pet licensing revenue being the main funding source for animal control the decline in licensing, and the ongoing and growing need for animal control, is leaving leaving municipalities with larger animal control budget deficits year after year.  This development has spurred the need for a new innovation surrounding municipal pet licensing in order to combat this trend.

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