Consultant Questions

Why should I become a member of muniSERV?

There are multiple benefits of becoming a member of muniSERV. By having a profile on muniSERV, consultants can build their reputation and businesses and get found by municipalities. They can also get direct, unlimited access to RFPs, Bids and Tenders, and have bid opportunities emailed directly to them. muniSERV allows consultants to showcase their services directly to their target location and market – municipal decision-makers, all in one location.

How do I sign up to become a professional member?

It’s easy. Click here to learn about the features and “Start Today” to become a member!  Fill out the information in the form for your profile and in your dashboard,  “Build your Membership package” to select the features you want.  You can also watch the video to see how easy it is to set up your profile.

Can I still pay with a credit card?

Yes. When you are finished selecting all the features you want, you can pay directly within your dashboard.  You will be directed to our payment service where you can pay by credit card in a secure, encrypted manner.  

What size should my profile picture be?

Your profile picture should be 118 pixels by 118 pixels.

The map doesn’t show up on my profile. What’s wrong?

You must enter a valid address including postal code and province for the interactive Google Map to work properly.

The map is incorrect in my profile.

Double check that your address is correct. If it is and the map still doesn’t work correctly, there may be an issue with Google Maps. Perhaps you’re located in a new development or town that Google does not acknowledge. You will need to override the map by placing the longitude and latitude coordinates in your profile in the specified section. Log in, edit your profile and follow the instructions outlined in the ‘Override Google Map Location with Co-ordinates’ section.

Municipality Questions

Why should I use muniSERV?

muniSERV has big benefits for municipalities. Firstly, using muniSERV is completely FREE for municipalities – how much better can you get than that? muniSERV makes searching for CAOs and consulting and other professional services you need quick and easy, saving you time getting the multiple quotes you need to satisfy your procurement policies. Municipalities can also upload RFPs and Tenders for FREE – a major cost savings for your advertising budgets! And finally, muniSERV’s new suite of tools helps municipalities find the services and information they need all in one convenient location.

How do I ensure the consultants/professionals I have selected are reputable?

It is the responsibility of the municipality using the site to conduct their own normal due diligence analysis of the service providers who advertise on the site. Self-governance and ethical use of the site is expected to occur, but if a municipality finds a consultant or CAO member of muniSERV has not represented themselves in a professional manner, muniSERV would like to know about it and those service providers may be removed from the site. Please email any concerns about specific consultants or CAOs to [email protected].

How do I upload an RFP or Tender?

All you need to do is go to “Municipalities Start Here” Once you’ve registered your municipality, feel free to invite any of your staff to register to use your municipal dashboard as well. Staff in every department can upload your approved bid documents at no cost.

If you have a question about the muniSERV system, please email [email protected] or submit it through our contact form on our Contact Us page. 

CAO Questions

Why should I set up a CAO profile and become a member of muniSERV?

Many experienced and knowledgeable retired, transitioning or aspiring CAOs want to find CAO work in Canadian municipalities. Setting up a profile and being listed in our CAO directory is your best opportunity to be found by municipalities looking for experienced CAOs to fill long-term or interim vacancies. 100% of our registered members are key municipal decision-makers! Choose the service area you like – locally or across Canada.

How do I set up my CAO profile?

It’s easy. Open the “CAO Job Seeker” homepage and learn about all the benefits and options you have as a CAO member. Select the Join Now button or Start Now in the CAO Profile Listing box and follow the instructions. Don’t forget to select any add-on features to make your profile stand out. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to set up your profile.

Can I still pay with a credit card?

Yes. You can pay for your monthly or annual membership right when you are setting up your CAO profile.

What size should my profile picture be?

118 pixels by 118 pixels.

I’m a CAO who is a member of my provincial Administrators’ Association. Can I get a discount the same as Ontario CAOs who are part of the Ontario Municipal Administrators’ Association (OMAA)?

muniSERV has partnered with the OMAA to assist their members. However, please mention it to your association, have them contact us or contact us yourself, and we’d be happy to discuss partnerships to assist their members too.