Complaint management (whistleblower) platform to prevent and detect wrongdoings

Danny Weill, Executive Vice President


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ALIAS is a secure SaaS web-based whistleblowing/reporting platform. ALIAS receives, analyzes, investigates, and processes reports of wrongdoing related to harassment, abuse, fraud, and other unethical behaviours that may occur in a work, public, or athletic environment. Its highly secure external platform offers organizations a powerful, anonymous and confidential mechanism for employees and stakeholders. ALIAS proudly works with many municipalities providing services for employees, citizens, or both.



Articles by Alias:

Would you recognize these behaviours as acts of wrongdoing?

Human Resources, Security/Public Safety, Training

Wednesday, May, 3rd, 2023

A new MuniServ whistleblowing service partner in helping to maintain a healthy workplace and municipality. WOULD YOU RECOGNIZE THESE BEHAVIORS? First, understand what is going on! Differentiating between abuse, harassment, discrimination management rights and conflict situations is not always easy. …

Success Story:

ALIAS has deployed to 10+ municipalities serving citizens, employees, or both. Providing turnkey whistleblowing/reporting services to the applicable population. Providing a forum for employees to provide accessible, anonymous, and confidential feedback about the municipality, and ensuring the municipality is aware and can address issues quickly.

Most recently, Alias deployed a municipality employee domestic program whistleblowing service, that not only gave employees the opportunity to report on domestic violence, but also provided a full service case management to assist the individual with the situation, including protocol for removal from the home and contacting authorities where needed.

"Although it was a difficult situation, the support I received made it much easier. "

- Alias Whistleblower

" In an environment where I was on my own, I felt more comfortable because of the Alias team. "

- Alias Whistleblower

" The explanations are clear, the steps are well explained and the follow-up … process was appreciated. "

- Alias Whistleblower