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AccessE11 is a Municipal 311, Citizen Issue & Relationship Management platform. It is designed to provide small to mid sized municipalities a simple, cost effective means to manage citizen issues, and has been embraced by numerous local governments to address a specific challenge; how to improve the efficiency, and the perceived quality of interactions with their residents.

To address this challenge, AccessE11 offers a unique blend of 311 Issue Management and Customer Relationship Management features. The platform drives simplicity, reduced administration, stronger decision making and better compliance across 3 specific areas of focus within local government operations.

• Citizen Services: Complaint and issues management
• Job Management: Job assignment, tracking and reporting
• Administrative Services: Report compliance, citizen tagging, and evidence decision making.


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Success Story:

Midland is a town located Ontario that was looking for ways to streamline internal operations and improve service to their residents. Senior staff also wanted to improve their visibility into the issues the municipality were working on.

Prior to adopting AccessE11, Midland was using another platform to manage issues but it wasn’t available to everyone. The existing processes for managing issues required coordination via multiple emails back and forth and only a subset of departments could enter data into the system. In addition, it was difficult to get a clear understanding into who had what responsibilities and they couldn’t see how workload was being distributed among staff members.

After a short demonstration of AccessE11, they quickly understood how they could implement it to track and report on citizens issues. As a cloud platform, from order to system availability was less than a day. With some quick configuration and a couple of hours of user training, they were up and running.

Now staff are all on the same page when it comes to issue management. Everything is tracked and visible. Anyone, not just a few select departments, can create a case and assign it, view the current status and make updates as they make progress on the solution. It connects citizens with the right staff/department more efficiently and ensures issues are resolved more quickly.

The result - Midland and AccessE11 are streamlining staff workflow and improving customer service – together.

With an easy to use dashboard for tracking cases, we are now populating data for the development of work plans and budgets and easily identifying and reporting on customer issues. The system is both cost-effective and easy to set up.

- John Skorobohacz, CAO, Town of Midland

As an application integrator, it is my job to work with software vendors from all over the world on all kinds of tasks with various requirements. The team at Access E11 stood out amongst this crowd by going above and beyond to make the transition and implementation painless and efficient.

- Jason Lavigne, United Counties of SD&G

Intuitive, easy to use, great support, fantastic on-boarding staff, excellent knowledge base. We use it daily to receive, resolve and report on issues that are of concern to the residents we serve. We love how easy it is to customize to meet our municipality's specific needs.

- Rox-Anne Hendrie, South Stormont