PrivacyWorks Consulting Inc.

PrivacyWorks Consulting Inc.

Adam Stinson, CEO/Owner


329 Howe Street #1249 Vancouver, BC V6C 3N2

PrivacyWorks is one of the largest firms in Canada that specializes completely in providing information privacy, Freedom of Information (FOI), and security solutions to organizations. Our team consists of experts in these fields with most having over 15-20 years of experience allowing us to provide industry-leading guidance for organizations looking to meet their compliance requirements.

We have a comprehensive suite of products and services to help organizations at all stages, ranging from start-ups to complex enterprise and government projects. With our teams’ extensive background in these areas, we can assist organizations of all sizes and grasp complex topics quickly. Because of this, our clients can rest assured that they are receiving sound guidance from some of the most experienced individuals in the field.

PrivacyWorks has a growing team across Canada with team members based in Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Victoria – all with varied areas of expertise, allowing our clients to receive comprehensive support from us on a wide range of issues and projects. Whether you are completing a PIA / STRA, developing new policies or agreements, processing FOI requests or starting a privacy program from scratch, our team can provide the right level of support to meet your needs.