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Chief Administrative Officer

The County is looking for a Chief Administrative Officer, who is responsible for the strategic leadership and efficient...

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Commissioner of Public Works

The Region is looking for a Commissioner of Public Works to provide strategic, innovative, and operational leadership for...

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Director of Recreation & Community Services

The Township is looking for a Director of Recreation & Community Services, who will be responsible for strategic...

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Transparency Made Easy: How Municipal CRM Software Improves the FOIA Request Management Process

May 23, 2023
Administration, Legal, Records and Information Management

Municipalities face a complex challenge in FOIA request management (Freedom of Information Act). To find the pertinent information,...

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Would you recognize these behaviours as acts of wrongdoing?

May 3, 2023
Human Resources, Security/Public Safety, Training

A new MuniServ whistleblowing service partner in helping to maintain a healthy workplace and municipality. WOULD YOU RECOGNIZE...

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The power of plain language in the ChatGPT age

April 6, 2023
Administration, Communications, Financial, Human Resources, Legal, Training

Does it sometimes seem that no one is listening, or even reading? Do you have a sneaking suspicion...

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