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Commissioner, Corporate Support Services

This senior leadership position is responsible for providing strategic direction and advice to Council and the Chief Administrative...

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Commissioner, Community Services

This Region has a bold and compelling vision to help build a world-class community. To access this content,...

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Chief Administrative Officer

This County is located in mid-western Ontario and is home to the Bruce Trail and the Bruce Peninsula...

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Tips to Run a Successful In-Person Meeting

November 30, 2021
Communications, Human Resources, Planning & Economic Development, Records and Information Management, Team Building, Training

Over the last two years, many of us had to learn how to connect differently than we were...

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The Value A Search Firm Provides Versus The Costs To A Municipality / Broader Public Sector Organization

November 8, 2021
Administration, Human Resources

Kartik Kumar National Practice Leader, Municipal Government and Broader Public Sectors. When a Municipality / Broader Public Sector...

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How COVID-19 Permanently Digitized Site Selection

October 28, 2021
IT & Website Design, Newsletters for Municipalities, Planning & Economic Development

Have you ever had a meal, gone on a date, or enjoyed a vacation so good it made...

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