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Derrick Koenig, P.Eng., Founder & CEO


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BoxOfDocs is the leading provider of municipal document classification, labelling and smart search technology. All products are based on proprietary leading-edge Machine Learning Algorithms developed to help municipal staff and consultants get easy access to municipal documents: bylaws, policies, job descriptions and procedures from municipalities across the county. Machine learning is used to maintain a library of documents CURRENT and EASY to search. The result is significant savings of Time and Money. Looking ahead our Algorithms will provide: Future Local Government Trend Analysis and Categorizing and Labelling of PDF files.



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Articles by BoxOfDocs:

Using Technology to Expand Municipal Capacity

Administration, IT & Website Design, Purchasing

Tuesday, October, 29th, 2019

Transparency in politics has become a hot-button topic, especially over the last five years. Government mistrust is at a peak and people are demanding answers and access to information. Voters calling for transparency was witnessed in this past Federal election …
I did find some time to log into the platform earlier this month to look around and was back in within days to find a policy regarding use of municipal property. I was extremely pleased with the results I found and think this is such a great tool!

- Jennifer Blatz CAO, Ste. Anne Municipality MB

Awards, Certificates or Designations

  • Startup Calgary Launch Party 2018 - Top Tech Company Finalist
"I signed up the City of Grande Prairie for a trial of Box of Docs and so far I have had nothing but positive feedback from my colleagues. I cannot say enough about this library and how simple, easy and useful it is for every Manager and Department head who needs document resources."

- Arlene Karbashewski , City Clerk, Legislative Services - City of Grande Prairie

“I have to say I personally have already benefitted from BoxofDocs. It’s so much nicer to search one site that has documents from other municipalities, rather than trying to find what you are looking for by googling. It's so nice to have one spot where you can do specific searches."

- Cheryl Bergman Flagstat county Executive Assistant