CoreSolutions Software Inc.

CoreSolutions Software Inc.

It’s our promise to go Beyond Software.

Barney Lawn, CEO & President


1-1615 North Routledge Park London, ON N6H 5L6

Software purchases are a lot different today than those of a few years ago. There is so much information available, it is more important than ever to get as much pre-purchase data as possible and clearly define exactly what you need, to make sure you get exactly what you expect.

Let our experienced software developers, trainers, and business analysts help build your business requirements. We work with you using a very interactive approach that ensures you know what we are developing before we write a single line of code. Our team have worked on hundreds of software projects and implementations and know exactly what it takes to ensure a successful project.

Our brand promise is to take you Beyond Software. That means delivering more than just our customizable software applications.

A relationship with CoreSolutions is a partnership and a commitment to helping your organization grow through software and technology. We believe in long term, sustainable growth through increasing efficiency and minimizing manpower and cost.

Let us help define what your software needs are and ensure your software achieves your objectives.

Also, we have developed the ultimate meeting application – CoreUM. Its’ sole purpose is to remove the hassle of deciding on a meeting date and administering polls to your meeting attendees or board members.


Canada, USA

9am to 5pm

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Success Story:

A client was looking for an experienced team who could build them a software solution to integrate with an older system they were using with newer software. Together, we decided that building a new system that would allow them to locate any data they may need across their entire organization was the path they wanted to take. They needed one seamlessly synchronized system.

Our goal for this project was to create a centralized solution to allow for seamless data import throughout their entire system; a robust system that could store tracking and ordering information while remaining easy to navigate for the client. We wanted to build a system that could smoothly manage the logistics of their business.

The system was built on time and budget and was implemented on schedule. The client saw immediate positive results in regard to the way their data was managed. No more using multiple systems – our solution simplified their processes, saved them time every day and ensured a more accurate method of using their data.

The CoreSolutions business style and approach placed emphasis on understanding the customers need, then developing a solution that met that need in a timely manner. It’s amazing what you get when people take the time to listen to what you want and build that as a solution.

- Sekera Chokani - Sony of Canada Ltd.

Awards, Certificates or Designations

  • London Chamber of Commerce, Small Business of the Year 2005
I have dealt with several developers and in retrospect the experience with CoreSolutions has always been very positive in comparison. Other developers seem to have policy in place that aims at protecting their stake in the working relationship rather than ensuring a mutually beneficial experience.

- Tony Trevisonno - The Global Group

CoreUM is so easy to use. It’s nice and clean and simplifies my organization of family events. I can find an ideal time that works for everyone.

- Natalie Merrifield