Cybersecurity Simplified

Eric Hess, President



Helical delivers a simplified cybersecurity dashboard to help small to mid-sized organizations to establish a security program.

Helical’s dashboard integrates best-in-class industry tools through partnerships with leading providers and its own applications. Helical can readily integrate client’s additional third-party security tools into its dashboard as well.The unified result reduces coverage gaps and enables more effective management of cybersecurity programs.

Helical’s hands-on approach ensures that clients maximize the benefits of the platform as well as addressing any needs that come up along the way.


Canada and United States

Articles by Helical:

Canadian Government Entities Under Scrutiny for Lax Cybersecurity

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Tuesday, February, 18th, 2020

Canada’s government sector is increasingly coming under scrutiny for both lagging privacy and security both in legislation and in practice.    In a sign of the times, figures released in February to the House of Commons reveal that the personal information of at least 144,000 Canadians was mishandled by Federal department …
It has been our pleasure to work with the HLC Cyber Group since 2016. We have put our trust in Helical for our ongoing cybersecurity testing and monitoring services, as well as their regulatory expertise around security and privacy.

- Kathy Adams, Chief Compliance Officer, Partners for Growth

As a registered municipal and investment advisor with offices in three regions and a large number of IT assets, Helical's platform enables us to efficiently secure our environment and allows us to focus more energy on the demands of the business.

- Mary Schultz, IT Administrator, Ehlers