Morning Strategy

Morning Strategy

wake up in a world of natural work

Andy Farnsworth, Founder & Principal


145 Catalina Dr. Toronto, ON M1E 1B3

Morning Strategy is a work design consultancy based in Toronto, ON, founded in 2022 by Andy Farnsworth and Haley MacDonald.

Our core services include: digital transformation; process improvement and design; policy development, knowledge management; organization design; customer experience strategy; change management; artificial intelligence; and building tools to support organizational excellence.

We specialize in surfacing, connecting, and activating knowledge & processes within the flow of change. We support organizations seeking to adapt within complex systems through the co-creation of networked teams and processes.

Andy is a former Municipal Clerk-Administrator, and has developed policy and managed board relations with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority and the Toronto Transit Commission, as well as working in business transformation with the latter. Haley is a non-profit professional who has devoted 12 years to customer and product experience.


Canada (primarily Ontario)