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Mohammed Faridy, CEO


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As procurement professionals with deep expertise in managing contracts, we’ve experienced first-hand the pain of using generic tools that weren’t built to manage complicated (and expensive) agreements.

So we decided to do something about it. We built a simple yet powerful tool to help organizations manage their contracts.



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Thursday, September, 10th, 2020

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Cost Savings and Contract Management in Q4

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Monday, August, 10th, 2020

The Importance of Contract Management when Analyzing Spend   When my clients ask me to help identify areas of opportunity for cost reduction with their existing suppliers, I ask two questions:   1.     Where are your contracts?   2.    How …

How to Negotiate With Your Existing Suppliers

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Monday, July, 27th, 2020

“If you know the enemy and you know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles” –       Sun Tzu, The Art of War   When it comes to negotiating with a supplier you know versus a supplier …

Success Story:

The Procurement department of one of Canada's largest retailers had gone through a reorganization and were looking to streamline their contract management process.

Contracts were being stored in Sharepoint folders, creating new folders and getting contracts loaded into Sharepoint was extremely labour intensive and time-consuming and contract renewals were being poorly managed on an Excel spreadsheet

With OneView, they now upload contracts with one click, summaries and alerts are automatically created and they can find contracts in seconds instead of hours.

OneView is so easy to use. It’s as simple as clicking upload and the work is done for us. All the key items that we need visibility into from the contracts are captured and laid out an in easy to read format.

- Procurement Lead, Indigo Books & Music

Awards, Certificates or Designations

  • 20 Most Promising Enterprise Contract Management Solution Providers of 2016 - CIO Review
OneView enables us to analyze contracts for over 150 suppliers with just a few clicks. That definitely gives us a strategic advantage in our negotiations.

- Bruce Pinn, CIO, Element Financial

Unlike the many convoluted and confusing tools that require more inputs than one will ever need, OneView is simple to use.

- Kim Anderson, Procurement Lead, Accenture