PSD – Research, Consulting, Software

PSD – Research, Consulting, Software

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Matthew Van Dommelen, General Manager, Business Development & Implementation


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PSD is a full-service firm offering industry leading research, consulting services and software solutions for enterprise asset management and budgeting. Our team consists of former local government executives, senior managers, and technical specialists with decades of hands-on experience in the fields of corporate services, public works, asset management and finance.

Our client base includes hundreds of small, mid-sized and large local governments, utilities, government agencies, universities, and private sector entities from across North America. We have completed hundreds of asset management plans and software implementations, providing best in class service for our clients.

As a company, we strive to offer our clients innovative and complete solutions to their asset management and budgeting needs, contributing to the development of mature and manageable programs. PSD’s clients benefit from the thought leadership and case studies featured in our publication Public Sector Digest and presented in our timely webinar series. PSD’s researchers also assist with grant applications and policy analysis, further supporting our clients in their efforts to make more informed decisions and achieve greater financial sustainability.


North America

Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm ET

Success Story:

The Town of Devon, Alberta has come a long way since embarking on its asset management journey in 2017. Devon sought to tackle asset management through a holistic RoadMap approach, establishing a governance framework, sophisticated data activities and frameworks, policies, and plans. The Town faced several challenges, however, through the hard work of staff and support from third-party experts, it has established an asset management program that will assist in managing its assets for years to come. Overall, the Town feels it has seen tremendous growth in the knowledge of its assets, the asset management process, engineering, and operating methodology. The Town has captured a significant amount of important information through collecting data that will assist with developing its asset management plans and strategies in the years ahead.

Awards, Certificates or Designations

  • Over 15 IAM Certified Consultants available for assistance.