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Ripple Analytics Inc.

Perception is Reality

Noah Pusey, JD, President & CEO


202 E. Shore Rd., Bldg 15 Apt 3 Huntington, QC G1A 0A2

Get rid of the dreaded, antiquated annual review! Replace it with a dynamic platform that makes your office a better, more productive place to work in.

Ripple improves employee self-awareness by enabling authentic and timely feedback from co-workers through web-based surveys. Our surveys gather data on how your co-workers perceive you and make you more self-aware along five core personality traits: Curiosity, Conscientiousness, Commitment, Cooperation and Consistency (also known as the “Big 5” personality traits).

Self-aware employees are more efficient, effective and breed retention. All great stuff!


United States and Canada

9 am - 6 pm (EST)

Articles by Ripple Analytics Inc.:

Employee Retention in the Age of Feedback

Human Resources, Team Building

Thursday, September, 5th, 2019

When an organization loses a key employee there is often a palpable sense of betrayal. How could she leave after everything the organization had done for her? Where’s the loyalty? Employee retention is an ever-present concern for most organizations. The …

The Cumulative Impact of a Departing Employee

Human Resources, Team Building

Friday, August, 16th, 2019

When an organization loses a key employee, the bleeding typically does not stop there. What about the teammates that the departing employee leaves behind? How are they impacted? Simply put, when an employee leaves an organization, you could lose a …