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Jim Longman, Founder


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Get Up and Learn was founded on the principle of helping people develop professional career-enhancing skills they need to grow in their current role and beyond. We recognize that for many reasons, organizations are finding it more difficult to recruit and retain skilled, qualified and well-rounded people. Notably, Learning & Development industry trends clearly point toward re-skilling existing workforces to counteract these challenges.

Get Up and Learn delivers a blended program of digital learning and classroom style training, specialized in professional soft skills development, each providing distinct advantages suitable for meeting a wide variety of learner needs.

Our digital learning platform contains more than 150 topics with 1,200 available resources all focused on professional soft skills. Easy to use, mobile, multilingual, we believe it’s the lowest cost, best microlearning system in Canada.

Our classroom training offers 28 unique 1 and 2-day professional soft-skills training courses in the following categories: Communicating, Managing, Selling and our Distinctive Series. Classroom training provides the benefits of personal interaction amongst participants and the instructor. There are opportunities for questions, clarifications, discussions, and activities to keep the training interesting and engaging for maximum retention.

We also provide custom solutions & enterprise pricing – call or visit us at


Toronto/GTA for onsite classroom training, Canada wide for digital learning or custom training solutions.

9:00 am - 5:00 pm ET, Monday to Friday

Success Story:

With over 25 years of leadership and training experience, thousands of clients and employees have benefitted from Jim Longman's passion to serve. One success story involves a large very well known commercial property management company that was transitioning the main software application their customer service team, and 600 regional staff relied on for their day to day operations. A custom training solution was developed and executed with a relentless focus on collaboration, customized messaging inspired by their management team, and timely delivery to match their software implementation schedule.

In a more traditional approach, a private golf course engaged Get Up and Learn to help them improve their customer service reputation with their members. This began with a tailored presentation to help the management team understand the differences between morale and motivation, and which levers they had available to affect each of these subjects. This followed by developing a plan for management training, customer service training, and an ongoing structured approach to employee training on a go-forward basis.

Awards, Certificates or Designations

  • Scitron Certified Courseware