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Dan Dow, Managing Director


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STEAM ‘N’ WEEDS Environmental Solutions provides distribution of Satusteam™ Technology created by Weedtechnics and Entry® created by Secure Winter Products a division of Branch Creek.

Satusteam™ Technology is very versatile and has many uses such as:

-weed removal (ideal for hard-scapes & non-turf areas, excellent replacement for Round-Up or vinegar, reduces weed populations, effects seed beds)
-cleaning and sanitization of outdoor surfaces (ideal for playgrounds, benches, bin cleaning & high traffic areas)
-graffiti removal (non-abrasive and safe for delicate surfaces such as brick and sandstone)
-ant control (injection system can reach depths up to 48 inches)
-gum & oil stain removal (no oily residue left behind, works well to remove glue from stickers)
-ice dam removal (remove ice build up from gutters, culverts & sewer lines)

We distribute Satusteam™ Technology across Canada and also do contacting work in Alberta and Western Saskatchewan.

Entry® is a non-chloride, non-tracking liquid ice melt product that helps to keep winter outside where it belongs. Since Entry® tracks just like water, there is no white residue or mess left behind . Carpets, flooring, concrete, metal, plants, cleaning equipment etc can be damaged by traditional chloride products. Since Entry® is 75% less corrosive, it won’t cause damages like that of chloride products. Entry® is EPA tested and Green Seal approved, making it a product you can feel good about using.


Distribution- Canada wide, Contracting- Alberta and Saskatchewan.


Articles by STEAM ‘N’ WEEDS:

The chloride-free ice melt that works, cleaner, safer and faster.

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Friday, June, 5th, 2020

Winter can often hit within minutes, traditional chloride ice melt products can often take several minutes to work after application. Depending on the area, will determine how many people are at risk of a slip or fall on an icy …