Wayfinder Consulting Inc.

Wayfinder Consulting Inc.

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Craig Milley, BA, SCMP, CPSM, Principal Consultant



4015 Loyola St. Victoria, BC V8N 3R6

Wayfinder Consulting Inc. is a professional consulting firm located in Victoria, BC which works with clients to:
• Design the right-sized procurement Governance model for an organization
• Build a sensible procurement Decision Making process
• Deliver best-in-class Bidding Templates that are simple yet ironclad
• Guide you to Enabling Technology to transform your process
• Construct thoughtful & effective Evaluation architecture
• Create customized Tools for your internal clients
• Provide specialized Training for your staff and other stake holders
• Support your larger, complex procurement Projects
• Reduce the price you pay through effective strategic sourcing



Articles by Wayfinder Consulting Inc.:

IT Projects & Black Swans

Administration, Financial, IT & Website Design, Newsletters for Municipalities, Purchasing

Thursday, November, 28th, 2019

Have you ever been involved in an IT project that was difficult and resulted in a less than optimal outcome? I still joke about being a survivor of a large-scale IT implementation project. That was more than ten years ago …

Thinking about thinking….

Administration, Financial, Legal, Newsletters for Municipalities, Purchasing, Training

Thursday, June, 27th, 2019

Daily we are required to make decisions, recall facts, and balance risks, whether at work or at home. All of this requires considerable thinking yet we don’t really pay much attention to how we do that. Is it because its …

A reverse what….?

Administration, Financial, Legal, Newsletters for Municipalities, Purchasing

Thursday, May, 16th, 2019

As a steward of taxpayer dollars, municipal buyers face tremendous pressure to get the best price for your organization. This keeps the tax burden low amid always tight budgets. The mantra often heard is “do more with less”.  Often the …

Success Story:

Mr. Craig Milley, is an international leader in public procurement with an impressive track record of executing major procurement reforms and bringing innovative methods and ideas to successive public organizations.

Mr. Milley has recently relocated to the greater Victoria area and established a boutique consulting firm aimed at bringing best of class procurement expertise to his clients.

Most recently he served as the first ever Director, Central Procurement Office for the Cayman Islands Government. Prior to this position, Craig was the head of procurement for the City of Lethbridge, Alberta.

In 2013 his team was the sole recipient of a national peer-reviewed award for "Leadership in Public Procurement" for groundbreaking work using competitive dialogue on large scale capital projects.

Craig holds two (2) professional designations from the Supply Chain Management Association as well as the Institute for Supply Management. He also has a Certificate in Public Procurement Law & Practice from Osgoode Hall Law School where he is a former adjunct faculty member.

Awards, Certificates or Designations

  • 2013 “Leadership in Public Procurement Award” from Summit Magazine – a peer-reviewed national award
  • Certificate in Public Procurement Law & Practice - Osgoode Hall Law School