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EXPERTEERS is a group of passionate engineers who are working to make a difference in construction and telecom / IT industries in order to enable our customers to focus on their strategic objectives such as developing new revenue streams, gain and maintain market share and competitive advantages:

• Experteers is a well-established provider of consulting and contracting services to Canadian Telecom / IT industries.
• Experteers has highly caliber teams to cater for the increasing demand of construction, telecom and IT projects implementation.
• Through our services we enable our customers to focus on their strategic objectives such as developing new revenue streams, gain and maintain market share and competitive advantages.
• As a responsible member of the global IT & Telecom eco-system, Experteers is committed to a set of high-standard values and to fulfilling its social and environmental responsibilities in the community, thus contributing to long term sustainability.
• Experteers is a financially sound company.

We provide engineering and contracting services to Canadian Telecom and Construction industries, by attracting and retaining highly caliber teams to enable our customers to focus on their strategic objectives.

To be the most valuable service provider for telecom and construction companies operating in Canada by enabling our clients to lead,





UCaaS is critical for any authority service improvement

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Wednesday, March, 23rd, 2022

what is UCaaS? Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)  is a network of cloud-based telephone system that controls the flow of calls coming in and out of your organization. We replace your on-premises PBXs, as well as your SIP, PRIs, …

Success Story:

Experteers has a long track record working with Telecom Service Providers like: Rogers Communications, Bell Mobility and Wind Mobile.
Design & Build new Private LTE/5G with SD-WAN & UCaaS / CCaaS Additionally, Experteers worked with major equipment vendors like: Ericsson, Nokia, Versa Here are some of our key projects:
I. Engineering:
• Telecom tower designs (Monopole, tri-pole, guyed towers, etc..)
II. Transmission Implementation
Microwave Systems:
• 175+ DragonWave Links – Ontario Markets
• 250+ Minilink and Harris Implementation in South Region

UCaaS / CCaaS services to all French River Municipality branches LAWSS Network design & Build over SD-WAN solution

Fiber Optics / IP Network:
• ALU DSLAM’s – Alberta Markets
• Juniper Core Gears – Alberta Markets
III. Power Implementation
Battery Upgrade:
• Power bays for wireless sites.

Rectifier Deployment:
• Full Power Equipment Deployment
• Rectifier Boards Replacement Project
IV. System Integration
• 175+ DragonWave / Siemens IP SW / NSN NodeB Integration (Ontario Markets)

IP Network:
• ALU DSLAM Network Elements Integration in Edmonton / Calgary, Alberta
• IP Backbone / Access Commissioning & Testing