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The Cumulative Impact of a Departing Employee

August 16, 2019
Human Resources, Team Building

When an organization loses a key employee, the bleeding typically does not stop there. What about the teammates that the departing employee leaves behind? How are they impacted? Simply put, when an employee leaves an organization, you could lose a …

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North Carolina County loses Millions to Business Email Compromise and Phishing

August 6, 2019
Administration, Financial, IT & Website Design

North Carolina County loses Millions to Business Email Compromise and Phishing Written by Michael Castro, vCISO and founder of RiskAware Late last year, Cabarrus County in North Carolina fell victim to a crafted email asking to change banking information for …

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Predicting Municipal Contracts – The What, When & Why of Municipal Procurement

July 29, 2019

The What, When & Why of Municipal Procurement No one can predict who’s buying what, when and why, but there are some key markers that can help you be strategic about reaching municipalities at the times they typically buy goods …

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Why You Should Become an Asset Management Coordinator

July 22, 2019
Administration, Financial, Human Resources, Training, Uncategorized

Asset Management Coordinator – have you heard this of this career before?   Well, if you haven’t, you’re about to hear a lot about it from municipalities over the next little while.   Many municipalities are facing challenges to fund their infrastructure …

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Should you Blog? YES! Yes, you should!


This blog first appeared on the website of Skorski Web Design, May 31, 2019 where we were quoted providing tips on why and how to blog. More and more experts are telling us about the importance of video and about …

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5 Ways to Deal with a Bad Boss

July 10, 2019
Administration, Communications, Emergency Planning, Financial, Human Resources, Newsletters for Municipalities, Planning & Economic Development, Power & Electrical Systems, Protective Inspection & Control, Public Health/Long Term Care Homes, Public Works, Purchasing, Records and Information Management, Recreation, Roads and Transportation, Security/Public Safety, Team Building, Training, Water & Sewer

Bad bosses can be deadly. One 15-year study found that when employees had a difficult relationship with their boss, they were 30% more likely to suffer from heart disease. Perhaps really bad bosses have lower coronary disease because their hearts …

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The Hidden Benefits of Properly Training your Staff

Human Resources, Public Works, Training

Many organizations today still do not understand the importance of spending the time and effort to ensure their staff is properly trained. The common reasons for the companies who do not properly train staff are either “too busy” or “can’t …

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Thinking about thinking….

June 27, 2019
Administration, Financial, Legal, Newsletters for Municipalities, Purchasing, Training

Daily we are required to make decisions, recall facts, and balance risks, whether at work or at home. All of this requires considerable thinking yet we don’t really pay much attention to how we do that. Is it because its …

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Applying Good to Great in the municipal sector

June 20, 2019
Administration, Team Building

Full confession – I am a huge fan of the now old book (published in 2001), Good to Great by Jim Collins. The book is a study on how companies distinguished themselves as being great, when they started out as good. It …

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