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How User-Friendly Online Services Drive Citizen Satisfaction

September 12, 2023
Administration, Communications, IT & Website Design

Citizen satisfaction is not just a buzzword; it’s an essential metric for evaluating the performance of local governments. Research indicates that a staggering 72% of citizens are interested in utilizing online government services. Despite this interest, over half abandon their …

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the word inflation with an arrow upwardsthe word inflation with an arrow upwards

Ontario’s Minimum Wage & The Inflationary Wage Spiral

September 8, 2023
Administration, Communications, Financial, Human Resources, Legal, Newsletters for Municipalities, Planning & Economic Development, Team Building

With the minimum wage in Ontario set to increase significantly by +6.7% in October, we’re seeing many employers in this high inflation environment budgeting for increases of between 3% to 5% (or more) — much higher than the historical average …

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Individuals in a circleIndividuals in a circle

Just what is a Municipal CAO?

June 29, 2023
Administration, Human Resources

Whenever I tell someone, I was a municipal CAO earlier in my career, I see their eyes glaze over and they slowly respond, “Ohhh??”, in a questioning tone and with a realization they have absolutely no idea what that is. …

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Citizen Management Software: An Affordable 311 Alternative

Administration, Communications, Public Works

The problem: Dedicated 311 Systems are prohibitively expensive As residents increasingly demand easier access to services, the need for software solutions to meet this demand becomes crucial. However, smaller municipalities often face barriers due to the high cost of implementing …

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Protect the Seniors in Your Community with Age Safe Senior Home Safety Specialist™ Training

June 19, 2023
Administration, Communications, Emergency Planning, Fire, Human Resources, Newsletters for Municipalities, Public Health/Long Term Care Homes, Security/Public Safety, Training

  Keeping Seniors Safe in Their Own Homes   The desire to remain in our own homes as we age has been significantly increased over the past few years. The COVID pandemic highlighted that our home is our haven. COVID …

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Transparency Made Easy: How Municipal CRM Software Improves the FOIA Request Management Process

May 23, 2023
Administration, Legal, Records and Information Management

Municipalities face a complex challenge in FOIA request management (Freedom of Information Act). To find the pertinent information, staff must carefully sift through the vast amount of documentation and data, further complicating the task. Fulfilling these requests involves not only …

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Would you recognize these behaviours as acts of wrongdoing?

May 3, 2023
Human Resources, Security/Public Safety, Training

A new MuniServ whistleblowing service partner in helping to maintain a healthy workplace and municipality. WOULD YOU RECOGNIZE THESE BEHAVIORS? First, understand what is going on! Differentiating between abuse, harassment, discrimination management rights and conflict situations is not always easy. …

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The power of plain language in the ChatGPT age

April 6, 2023
Administration, Communications, Financial, Human Resources, Legal, Training

Does it sometimes seem that no one is listening, or even reading? Do you have a sneaking suspicion that your work is being marginalized, or even ignored? Experience and research tells us that it’s not you, or your work. It’s …

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Double the Data, Double the Cost: The Price of Duplicating Your Data Entry

March 9, 2023
Administration, Financial, IT & Website Design, Records and Information Management

As a Town Manager, you are likely familiar with the challenges that arise when having to duplicate data entry across multiple, unconnected systems. Having to repeatedly input information about citizen issues, as one example, into different platforms not only takes …

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bullseye and arrowbullseye and arrow

About Municipal Strategic Planning

January 19, 2023
Administration, Financial, Team Building

When candidates run for municipal Council, they do so not only because they have a passion for helping their communities, but they also often have ideas and goals for the community.    From my experience, the most successful municipalities are …

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