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Municipalities Promoting Positivity During the Pandemic

January 14, 2021
Communications, Innovations, Planning & Economic Development, Public Works, Recreation, Roads and Transportation

As Ontario prepares to enter the second Provincial Emergency amid stay-at-home orders, many folks could use some positivity. Here are some lighthearted and fun projects that municipalities across Canada are undertaking to bring a smile to peoples’ faces.  City of …

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Citizen Issues GraphicCitizen Issues Graphic

Code Enforcement with AccessE11

January 13, 2021
Administration, Communications, Human Resources, IT & Website Design, Protective Inspection & Control, Public Works, Purchasing, Records and Information Management, Recreation, Roads and Transportation, Security/Public Safety, Water & Sewer

The mandate of municipal government is to provide access to civic amenities and to ensure that residents follow the local laws and ordinances adopted by City Council. In general, there are operating processes in place to monitor and enforce these …

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Ontario State of Emergency Returns – What You Need to Know

January 12, 2021
Administration, Emergency Planning, Human Resources, Newsletters for Municipalities

Municipal Employer Update – State of Emergency Returns Further to Premier Ford’s announcement January 12th, the Province is returning to a State of Emergency, effective Thursday, January 14th. Though public health measures and restrictions have been in place throughout the pandemic, Ontario …

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Mother and Child at a laptopMother and Child at a laptop

Covid-19 Increases HungerCount

January 11, 2021
Administration, Communications, Emergency Planning, Human Resources, Legal, Public Health/Long Term Care Homes, Security/Public Safety, Team Building, Training

  The Covid-19 economy has reduced quality of life for many impacted by the pandemic. Individuals struggling with food security and mental health will increase. Innovative digital solutions can help collect data and apply data science to provide guidance on how best …

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Our 2021 Wage Outlook

January 5, 2021
Financial, Human Resources, Planning & Economic Development

A Challenging Year Ahead While Canadian and global stock markets reach new records week, after week (at least at the time of this writing!), employment, inflation and interest rates tell a very different story. Employment insurance claims at of the …

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man training a studentman training a student

How Will You Deliver Effective Training in 2021?

December 18, 2020
Administration, Communications, Human Resources, Team Building, Training

What is the most important HR training topic for 2021? If you are an HR Leader or CAO, how will you invest your Learning and Development budget to get the maximum benefit for your team? Read on to see how …

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Risk dialRisk dial

Physical Security Risk: know how to assess it

December 17, 2020
Administration, Environmental Services, Financial, Fire, Human Resources, Legal, Newsletters for Municipalities, Planning & Economic Development, Power & Electrical Systems, Protective Inspection & Control, Public Health/Long Term Care Homes, Public Works, Roads and Transportation, Security/Public Safety, Training, Water & Sewer

  Many small to medium sized business (and even large enterprise businesses)  and government, have limited budgets, let alone spending a lot on risk and security. Before you do go and spend a lot of capital on risk and security …

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smiling woman working on her computersmiling woman working on her computer

Getting Ahead of COVID-19 with Data and Analytics – Are You Ready?

Administration, Communications, Emergency Planning, Financial, Newsletters for Municipalities, Public Health/Long Term Care Homes, Security/Public Safety

Communities across Canada were excited to hear the news that shipments of vaccine arrived and front-line workers and seniors were first in line to receive the vaccinations that will eventually make its way across Canada to every citizen in a …

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Are You In the Zone?

December 16, 2020
Human Resources

Interpreting the Province’s Covid-19 Safety Zones Everyone is becoming more familiar with the Ontario government’s colour-coded system to illustrate the level of restrictions being implemented in each region’s public health unit to limit the spread of Covid-19. The province and …

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A Municipality’s Culture: Performance-Values Management

December 9, 2020
Administration, Human Resources, Team Building

This cloud-based Human Resources Information System (HRIS) platform is two dimensional.  Specifically, the municipality’s Performance Expectations and also the municipality’s Cultural, Behavioural, and Values Expectations. This HRIS platform measures and focuses on an employee and/or manager successfully achieving the municipality’s …

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