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The Ontario Regional Government Review and How It Affects You

March 20, 2019
Administration, Newsletters for Municipalities, Planning & Economic Development, Public Works, Roads and Transportation

A lot has changed since the mid-1970s. That’s how long it has been since Ontario’s regional municipalities were established. Since then populations have grown, infrastructure needs have greatly changed and your tax dollars are being stretched further than ever. That’s …

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Five Ways to Celebrate Your Women Leaders (or – What a Girl Wants)

March 8, 2019
Administration, Communications, Human Resources, Newsletters for Municipalities, Team Building, Training

The International Women’s Day 2019 campaign theme is #BalanceforBetter, a call for action that asks employers around the world to take a new and closer look at how their employee culture celebrates success and nurtures leadership in the women in their …

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Video – The Benefits of Lean and Continuous Improvement for Municipalities

March 5, 2019
Administration, Human Resources, Newsletters for Municipalities

  By simplifying working practices and minimizing inefficiencies, continuous improvement (CI) techniques enable municipal organizations to save money and increase quality, without reducing the level of service offered to citizens. Leading Edge Group provide Lean training programs and improvement consultancy …

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Hardiness and Resilience: When Giving In Can Give Us a Lift

March 1, 2019
Administration, Human Resources, Newsletters for Municipalities, Public Works, Team Building, Training

When you experience failure, loss, or a serious setback do you see it as temporary or permanent? Is failure an event or who you are? Is it a learning or crushing experience? Does it traumatize you or become a springboard …

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February 28, 2019
Administration, Training

DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MARCH 15TH FOR APPLICATIONS FOR THE 2019 CAMA CONFERENCE SCHOLARSHIPS – FOR CAMA MEMBERS 2019 Conference Scholarships In recognition of the importance of promoting professional development opportunities for members, the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators established the …

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Approaching Customer Service with a Beginner’s Mind

February 22, 2019
Administration, Human Resources, Training

As a Customer Service consultant, I have listened to years’ worth of customer service interactions.  I have heard thousands of service representatives ply their trade and hone their skills.  I have compared the rates of success of tenured reps with …

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Position versus Persuasion Power

February 21, 2019
Administration, Communications, Human Resources, Newsletters for Municipalities, Team Building, Training

Joel’s a high IQ manager with strong analytical skills coming from a deep technical background. He hates meetings (“they get in the way of real work”) and resents having to sell changes or get people on side. “I don’t care …

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Cyber Security and Municipalities: Balancing Risk and Budget

February 19, 2019
Administration, IT & Website Design, Security/Public Safety

Weak or nonexistent cybersecurity programs represent a massive organizational risk for municipal government agencies across North America, and of course Canada. Municipal leaders are often unaware of these risks because they assume that security is addressed or believe that a …

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Congratulations to Whitchurch-Stouffville!

January 28, 2019
Emergency Planning

Congratulations to Whitchurch-Stouffville for their demonstrated commitment to public health and safety.  Read the full article here. Barantas is proud to have worked with Whitchurch-Stouffville on the creation of a extensive emergency plan for their facilities.  

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Simple Ways to Make Continual Growth and Learning Part of Your Personal and Professional Life

Human Resources, Training

Lifelong learning enhances our knowledge base, improves our quality of life, and expands our awareness of the world around us. By dedicating yourself to continual development, you will find yourself advancing in every aspect of your life. For job seekers, …

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