What is Virtual “Just-in-Time Learning”?

Virtual “Just-in-Time Learning” is a significant “game changer” in training since this training approach provides a significant increase of agility and flexibility in training.

It is also a very timely and relevant approach to training during these challenging Coronavirus times when in-person training is not appropriate.

For example, the power of a cultural, indigenous, or generational virtual “Just in Time Learning” seminar we would prepare for your municipality, would provide your employees with fast, on-line access at any time to the insights and knowledge they need when they find they have a specific cultural, indigenous, or generational skills gap challenge they need to overcome.

Needless to say, employees learn and retain knowledge better when they feel compelled to learn a solution.

They can go back time and time again to any part of the cultural, indigenous, or generational virtual “Just in Time Learning” seminar we customized for your municipality to get the information they need.

Complimentary Coaching

For two months following providing a client virtual “Just in Time Learning” seminar, we provide unlimited one-to-one complimentary coaching. After that, coaching is provided at a reasonable fee.

Contact Information

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