What is Virtual “Just-in-Time Learning”?

Virtual “Just-in-Time Learning “Training

Virtual Just-in-Time Learning is a new, timely training approach – especially during these challenging COVID-19 times.

Whether an employee is working on the road, at home, or at the office, each municipal employee can access “Just-in-Time” Learning training from a computer or their smart phone whenever they feel compelled to acquire the training.

This training approach provides municipal employees on-demand, flexible, agile training that enables them to acquire need-related training exactly when they need that training’s information.

It is a virtual training approach which closely aligns with today’s knowledge-driven, speed-oriented world where people want “just in time” information quickly.

Since there is no one right time to provide a group of municipal employees training on a topic, the resourcefulness of virtual Just-in-Time Learning will be appreciated by municipal employees since it provide them in-the-moment, relevant, real-time training exactly when they need that training.

Also, having experienced a need for that real-time training, they will likely retain the training longer.

The topics of this training approach are delivered in modules. Not only can employees initially learn the module’s training, they can also revisit a module, or a section of a module, time and time again, for tips, solutions, and training reinforcement.

Virtual Just-in-Time Learning also enhances a municipal employee’s productivity by providing them real-time performance support when they are experiencing a situation calling for that municipal support.

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COVID and Communication Challenges

two girls talking - facial expressions

Watch what you don’t say.


I have heard people talk about ‘finding their voice.” But, what do you do if you can’t use words?


It was 2 a.m. and we had just arrived at the Bangkok, Thailand airport. We needed to find a cab to our hotel. We discovered how dependent we were on words to communicate. At the same time, we realized the power of gestures and facial expressions. While words are an important part of communication, there is great value in understanding how rich our communication systems are.


We generally think of communication in two categories -verbal and nonverbal. We are very aware of verbal communication, but did you know that there are at least nine distinct categories of nonverbal communication? We try to choose our words carefully, but might be unaware of our nonverbal signals, and yet, these speak loudly to our listeners.


Each one plays a major role in your presentations, speeches, and general communication. This is an important part of Emotional Wisdom and becomes a powerful part of communication.


In a series of upcoming posts, we will look at these categories in more detail. Here is the first

category and some comments on how this might help or hinder your communication:


Facial Expressions

This is probably the most easily recognized of the nonverbal communication categories. Within this category are over twenty distinct expressions. It is also helpful to know that many facial expressions are universal in nature. This makes it possible to understand across linguistic boundaries. Facial expressions are responsible for a large part of nonverbal communication. The look on a person’s face is often the first thing we see, even before we hear what they have to say.


The challenge with wearing masks is that we lose about 50% of what is being communicated through facial expressions. Due to the design of the human eye, we can easily identify precisely where people are looking.


Watch an audience as you are being introduced. The eyes of the audience will shift. They are watching you before you arrive at the podium. Your facial expressions, body language, and general posture are already communicating to the audience before you speak a word.


Watch what you don’t say.


By the way, we did arrive at our hotel…eventually.


If you are interested in finding out more about how to increase your effectiveness as a communicator,

presenter or public speaker let us know.  We are here to help you succeed.


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Five Driving Needs (Part 3): Creating an Energized State of Being

Woman running

Powerfully productive days are the result of energized brains

If a person’s natural M.O. is to contribute and make a difference but they are blocked from doing so, it produces an unmet need. This creates internal tension – the gap between their desired state and their current reality. There’s good news about tension – it has energy right inside it – and that energy can be released. When a driving need is fulfilled, the tension is resolved – and energy is released, producing a state of being. A state of being is more than just a feeling—it is a pervasive emotional condition that includes but transcends the emotion – affecting one’s entire being.

An emotion is like the temperature in your office, a state of being is like the weather in your city. For example:

Feeling accepted by a coworker in a meeting is good, but it can be a fleeting emotion.

Working in a team where you experience a solid, stable sense of belonging is a state of being.

Being given the chance to work on a new project is good, but it can be a fleeting feeling. Experiencing undisrupted freedom to make decisions and take action is a state of being.

An employee – let’s call her Jasmine, who experiences belonging within her team as a state of being. It’s the state of being – not just a passing nod of acceptance that releases a flow of oxytocin – freeing up mental bandwidth by bathing Jasmine’s brain with feelings of bonding, rapport and trust. Oxytocin is such potent juice that it can flush out fears of rejection, exclusion or isolation.

If she is also experiencing a state of significance, the potent juice of serotonin bathes her brain with feelings of agency, belief, confidence – flushing out the fears of being discounted, sidelined or disrespected.

Imagine Jasmine experiencing all five  a five-fold state of belonging, security, freedom, significance and meaning. Her ability to connect with people quickly unlocks trust in the group. Her calm brain sees things so clearly, cutting through the clutter, constantly re-focusing the team on what matters. Her creative thinking permeates the conversation with a sense of possibility – possibility that is infused with a sense of agency and purpose. Jasmine’s juiced brain makes her indispensable.

The addition of each juice does not produce a 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 sum. It’s multiplicative. Our clarity multiplies the impact of our connection which multiplies the impact of our creativity, our possibility and our purpose. The juices working in concert are a source of super-performance that scientists do not yet understand. It’s the inter-relationships of the juices that creates human magic.

Read the rest of the article by Brady Wilson


Be The Successful Entrepreneur

Be The Successful Entrepreneur

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Join this live interactive, convenient, and affordable alternative to traditional professional development. Find community and development even amidst your self-isolation!

Entrepreneurship seems like it should be easy: “build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door”. This has not been true – if not ever – not for a long time. The noise of the market and levels of failure among entrepreneurs is intimidating.

We will help you to have the confidence to not only build a business that can work but build any business to work. We can help you avoid the needless failures and be the successful entrepreneur you want to be.

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LevellingUp will help you bridge the gap between knowing HOW TO do something and MASTERING it. Grow your skills fast alongside an expert and with the support of a trusted small group.

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Conflict Resolution Public Workshop

This course qualifies as one prerequisite towards CCSS© designation

Have you ever been in a conflict that you wished you could have handled better? We have all experienced the stress that comes from having unresolved conflicts with our co-workers. Conflicts that are ignored or resolved badly don’t go away – they cause people to feel resentful and to avoid each other. The effects on an organization are a loss of productivity, absenteeism and high turnover.

Conflict comes about from differences – in needs, values and motivations. Sometimes it is through these differences that we complement each other, but sometimes these differences result in conflict. Conflict is not a problem in itself – it is what we do with it that counts.

It is important that we do something because whether we like it or not, conflicts demand our energy. In fact, an unresolved conflict can call on tremendous amounts of our attention. We all know how exhausting an unresolved conflict can be. It is not always easy to fix the problem but a great energy boost can come when we do. This program teaches you the techniques for proper conflict resolution that will leave you feeling satisfied and content.

February 25 2020 – 9:00AM – 4:30PM

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Simple Ways to Make Continual Growth and Learning Part of Your Personal and Professional Life

Lifelong learning enhances our knowledge base, improves our quality of life, and expands our awareness of the world around us. By dedicating yourself to continual development, you will find yourself
advancing in every aspect of your life.

For job seekers, it’s imperative you can demonstrate to employers exactly how you stand out from the rest. What makes you a good fit for the team? At a glance, you need to be able to highlight your
expertise on all the essential tools, techniques, and customer service skills required to succeed in today’s dynamic workforce. Having upgraded skills allows you to do just that.

For those already in the workforce, maintaining an updated arsenal of skills will help you keep pace with current industry standards and remain competitive in your field. It helps you maintain a high calibre of service for your clients and teammates, while also making sure you don’t get left behind in your profession.

No matter your age or what stage you’re at in your career, there is always something new to learn and always an opportunity for growth.


Always be learning.


The good news is that it’s easy to update your skills in today’s digital world. With tons of free ebooks, YouTube videos, digital courses, podcasts and a vast collection of free articles, tips and teachables available 24/7 at your fingertips, and even on your smartphone if you like. There is no excuse not to!

The bonus? You can learn something new from the comfort of your own home, in your pyjamas, at any time of day (or night).

Along with online learning, there are also incredible workshops and courses available right here in your local community. Attending in-person workshops not only provides you with important networking opportunities, but it also gives you a new level of knowledge and perspective as many of us are better learners when we collaborate, connect and join in. They can be a lot of fun as well!


Make continual growth a lifelong goal.


Knowledge can be gained and skills can be developed every day – in fun and interesting ways!

Whether you choose to participate online or in a workshop, creating big picture goals and breaking them down into easily achievable tasks is the best way to ensure success. Simply commit to learning one new thing every single day and you will soon be a wealth of information.

Here are some simple ways to get started!

  • Create a daily learning habit. Set aside 30 mins a day to read something new, reflect, and make notes.
  • Check newsfeed headlines for articles of interest while scanning social media each morning.
  • Try something new. Focus on learning a wide variety of information, not only things related to your current position. Challenge your ideas and beliefs.
  • Watch a documentary.
  • Consider job shadowing another employee to learn about different roles in your company. This can broaden your skills and increase your value.
  • Connect with a mentor to help gain knowledge and insight from an up-leveled perspective.
  • Attend workshops, classes and training sessions to boost skills, confidence and expertise.
  • Join a book club. Connect with peers, open up dialogue, and learn new ways of communication.

Once you have instilled daily development into your personal and professional life, you will naturally expand into bigger leaps of learning.

muniserv can help every step of the way! Our muniLEARN platform lets you access over 1,000 internationally accredited digital courses, programs and examinations on topics such as; Leadership Soft Skills, Change Management, Project Management and more.

Contact us today to find out how you can get started! Which will you be joining first?


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