Speaker Series – Three Easy Steps to Better Internal Communications

Thursday, June 27, 2019, 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM EST
Cost: $149/person
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As a municipality, your organization is focused on issues “out there” – improving situations that impact your stakeholders, delivering essential services and addressing difficult challenges in your community. Because of that focus, it’s sometimes difficult to find time or resources to focus on what’s happening within your organization, which means internal communications are often overlooked.

This webinar will make it easy for you to tackle that one big project that keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the list – your internal communications plan! Why is it so important? Internal communications are what make your organization tick.

Learning Objectives:
Understand the importance of maintaining strong internal communication channels.
Learn how to develop an internal communications plan and how to apply it to your organization.
Recognize how you can bring your internal communications from “good” to “great” with easy tips.

Length: 1 hour


Influencing Others Without Authority

In today’s fast-paced environment of matrix and cross-functional teams, the traditional management approach of trying to exert full authority over others through compliance is risky business. Although it is necessary at times for busy professionals, team leaders, supervisors, and managers to be directive with others about getting things done, it is also likely that the productivity of individuals and teams will improve when they experience the positive effects of influence in a collaborative setting.

Based on position and interest-based influencing methods from Harvard, participants will learn and practice influencing using the four step method of gaining attention, interest, commitment, and motivating action. This workshop uses interactive discussions, case studies, video reviews, team exercises, self-assessments, and practical action-planning exercises. Consequently, participants will develop more self-awareness, learn new productivity tools, and enhance their performance as negotiators of deadlines, schedules, resources, staff, budgets, pricing, product changes, and other aspects of managing people and projects to achieve winning outcomes in a collaborative way.

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The Extraordinary Coach Workshop

Leaders who coach and develop others have a huge impact on bottom-line results.

In The Extraordinary Coach Workshop, you will develop the essential coaching skills that are required to be a great leader. In addition, you will learn what extraordinary coaches do well and how you can maximize your leadership impact and inspire others to perform at their peak.


SAVE: $150 (1 DAY) OR $250 (2 DAY)

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Meeting of the Minds Workshop

If you are intrigued by the idea of developing your personal and professional potential, as well as that of others, you will undoubtedly be interested in Emergenetics, a proven psychometric tool used around the world but new to the Canadian market. This program will give you a fuller understanding of your own thought and behavioural preferences, and help you to communicate more easily and effectively with others.

Using a well-developed questionnaire designed to explore your strengths, and through an intellectually engaging and socially stimulating training experience, you will discover that Emergenetics is both simple to understand and easy to use. The profile, which is based on a wide body of academic literature covering psychology and neuroscience, is introduced through experiential learning. You will be fascinated not only by the human dynamics but the resulting practical applications as well.

Through the workshop, you will:

• Receive a behavioral and thinking style profile that will reveal you innate strengths
• Increase self-awareness
• Discover others’ perceptions of you
• Communicate more effectively
• Make informed decisions
• Value your inherent talents
• Recognize core values

Who should attend:

• Individuals seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and others
• Managers who aspire to build cohesive teams
• Consultants/trainers looking for neuro-scientific tools that resonate with individuals and organizations
• Coaches/mentors and psychologists who are interested in gaining additional
insight into their processes
• Educators who desire to enhance their effectiveness with students and staff

Enroll soon as space will be limited.

We look forward to meeting you at this exciting event on Tuesday, May 14, 2019 in Mississauga and to sharing a simpler, easier way to understand yourself and others with the neuro-science of Emergenetics!


Date: Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Location: Regus Toronto Airport Centre, 2425 Matheson Blvd East, 8th floor, Mississauga, ON Google Map
Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Cost of Workshop and Profile: $399 (Click below to enroll. After enrollment, instructions to take your Emergenetics   Profile will be sent within 24 hours)

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Unable to attend?  Watch for our upcoming online version in June 2019.

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The Extraordinary Leader Workshop

In today’s rapidly changing, highly competitive environment, the organizations that excel in their respective markets will be those whose people are most competent, passionate, and focused on delivering results.

The Extraordinary Leader Workshop presents a proven framework for helping individuals make a profound difference in their organization’s results, and in their own performance and development.


SAVE: $150 (1 DAY) OR $250 (2 DAY)

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Conflict Resolution

Have you ever been in a conflict that you wished you could have handled better? We have all experienced the stress that comes from having unresolved conflicts with our co-workers. Conflicts that are ignored or resolved badly don’t go away – they cause people to feel resentful and to avoid each other. The effects on an organization are a loss of productivity, absenteeism and high turnover.

Conflict comes about from differences – in needs, values and motivations. Sometimes it is through these differences that we complement each other, but sometimes these differences result in conflict. Conflict is not a problem in itself – it is what we do with it that counts.

It is important that we do something because whether we like it or not, conflicts demand our energy. In fact, an unresolved conflict can call on tremendous amounts of our attention. We all know how exhausting an unresolved conflict can be. It is not always easy to fix the problem but a great energy boost can come when we do. This program teaches you the techniques for proper conflict resolution that will leave you feeling satisfied and content.

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Managing Difficult Client & Situations Public Workshop

Does your organization work with difficult clients? Are you interested in learning how to manage your stress and handle complicated circumstances while at work? If you answered yes, then this program is for you.

This workshop is designed to teach you all about the art of dealing with difficult customers and scenarios while at work. You will learn how to manage conversations, empathize with clients, identify triggers, negotiate, and most importantly, protect yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally on the job.

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Delivering Responsive Customer Service Public Workshop

A great customer service experience is vital to the success of a company, and delivering that service is what shapes the customer experience. This training program is ideal for anyone who wishes to provide their valued customers with a premium level of service. you will learn how to better understand customer expectations, profile difficult customer situations, and deal with customer objections using a proven model for effective complaint resolution. It also goes over how to use assertive techniques and positive language to diffuse difficult situations, reduce stress, promote team camaraderie, and create a positive customer experience resulting in win-win situations.

This interactive workshop is informative, fun, and provides easily applicable solutions for service excellence that are proven to work in today’s toughest customer service arena – the real world.

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3-Day Certified Client Services Specialist (CCSS©) Designation Bootcamp

The Certified Client Service Specialist (CCSS©) program offers participants the tools, techniques, and effective customer service skills required in today’s demanding work environment. Whether you work in private, public, or not-for-profit organization you will take away up to date information needed to succeed in the work place. Our world class certified facilitators with their engaging delivery style and relevant up to date content have delivered to hundreds of participants globally.

Our programs are certified and accredited by Canadian Council of Professional Certification (CCPC Global) to ensure quality, content, and engaging delivery.

Completion of our certification process confers the right to use the title Certified Client Service Specialist and the right to use the initials CCSS© after one’s name.

This 3-course program offers the right blend of knowledge and skills to become an expert in all aspects of customer service delivery – everything from professionalism to customer service, to sales, handling difficult customers, and more. Upon completion of the program, you will be able to build a solid foundation for your career and gain and industry specific credential that is recognized by major organizations.

Accredited Courses Required
1-Day Delivering Responsive Customer Service
This program is ideal for anyone who deals with customers and wants to provide a more customized or personalized experience for them. This training will provide you with the skills to not only handle a customer’s immediate requests, but also provide information and recommendations to build the customer’s relationships through providing valuable conversations.

1-Day Managing Difficult Clients and Situations
This program is ideal for anyone who deals with difficult clients in various challenging situations and wishes to remain in control. The program will lay out strategies for turning negative situations into opportunities for building lifelong relationships.

1-Day Conflict Resolution
Have you ever been in a conflict that you wished you could have handled better? We have all experienced the stress that comes from having unresolved conflicts with our co-workers. Conflicts that are ignored or resolved badly don’t go away – they cause people to feel resentful and to avoid each other. The effects on an organization are a loss of productivity, absenteeism and high turnover.

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Overcoming Speech Anxiety & Barriers to Effective Communication

Vicki Goodfellow Duke is a professional public speaking coach, and has been teaching Public Speaking, and Rhetoric at Mount Royal University since 1991. She was a National Examiner for Speech and Drama for The Royal Conservatory of Toronto from 1996 to 2001.

In Vicki’s Accelerator Group, you will learn and practice: how to overcome speech anxiety, how to overcome barriers to effective communication, how to design a successful presentation, and how to use PowerPoint effectively.

Starts June 4. $37.75/session.  Please note the time below is MDT

Max 8 people per group. Don’t miss out – sign up today at: https://levellingup.ca/sages/vicki-goodfellow-duke/

LevellingUp’s unique approach to skills development bridges the gap between knowing HOW TO do something, and EXPERTLY PERFORMING that skill. At least 40% of Fortune 500 CEOs have an executive coach – why not you?
Receive feedback from a proven expert as you put knowledge into practice. Rapidly grow your skills, gain experience & confidence. Discover your true potential.

The experts you want. The skills you need. No one standing in your way.

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