Procurement Through the Lens of Cyber Security


Join our discussion as we explore how current increased cyber risks have demanded increased awareness, and consideration in everyday procurement processes.  Learn how to mitigate those risks from peers in the MUSH sector and cyber security experts. 

Choose to join us online in ZOOM, or in-person at the Living Arts Center in Mississauga.  The last half hour of the event will be for networking and for those at the live location, hot hor d’oeuvres and refreshments will be served during the networking.

This ticket is non-refundable unless the event is cancelled by Supply Chain Canada Ontario Institute. In-person ticket includes hot hors d’oeuvres and refreshments during the networking, following the panel discussion.


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2022 Security Risk Budget Outlook

Moving on up

At the onset of the pandemic, Security Risk budgets decreased as organizations shuttered their doors and employees left the office, and organizations under duress looked for places to cut costs. Many found their savings in the Security budget. But now, the potential to double or triple budgets in 2022 maybe a reality.

Our research shows approximately two-thirds of security budgets increased in 2021 from 2020, but still have yet to reach or return to 2019 levels. 2022 has the potential to change that.

As organizations are set to come back to life in 2022 security risk events have not gone away. In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic created new security challenges. The new challenges have yet to be solved, and as schools and businesses reopen / remain open during potential future surges, the security risks of the past return as well. In order to protect themselves from past, current, and future threats, organizations need to reinvest in physical security.

Really watch

Real camera surveillance and real-time monitoring integrated with a uniformed security guard force that is properly trained may be for some organizations the order of the day. High-caliber uniforms security guards and training necessary to protect against threats to an organization cost more than $15-20 an hour. Challenges will emerge to protect your organization, your information, your IP, your personnel. All of this may lead to an explosion of security requirements, and the budget.

Another factor contributing to budget increases in 2022 is executive protection. According to the Ontic 2021 Mid-Year Outlook: State of Protective Intelligence Report, 58% of CEOs and senior leaders who expressed a stance on political issues received physical threats. Senior Public Officials and local health department leadership who encouraged health measures like vaccination or mask-wearing have also become targets of physical threats. Against the backdrop of this increased threat landscape, executive protection has grown in importance among physical security professionals.

An inner look

These aforementioned types of threats could also come from inside an organization. Leadership will either take a stand, or not take a stand. The personnel of an organization expect their leaders to take a stand, whatever that might be, for or against a particular issue or concern. Unfortunately, pent up frustration surrounding decisions may not even be pandemic related, and at times still result in leaders being threatened. In many areas of the country, threats against “leadership” is foreign territory for many organizations.


The threat landscape has always been uncertain and rapidly changing. With many advancements in approach, strategy, and technology, organizations can protect themselves with integrated security risk strategies.

As both physical and cyber threats compound, organizations are tasked with protecting themselves on all sides. With increased and realized threats there is one unfortunate downside. Higher security costs as risks to supply chains, cyber and physical security risks increase. During this pandemic many organizations have unfortunately learned that their security profile may not be or has been at a level they had hoped it to be. New gaps have been found, existing weaknesses have become even weaker and due to other impacts of the pandemic, organizations may have struggled to get the necessary supplies, purchases and even personnel in a manner to which they were once accustomed.

Plug it

Identify your shortfalls, your gaps and plug the holes. A comprehensive risk assessment will assist in that process. If organizations fail to plug those holes, and as they begin to re-open even more, they unfortunately will remain or fall back into a vulnerable position.

Proactive hard work

Technology enhancements, uniformed security, executive protection, education, and plain old attentiveness and proactive behaviour towards security risks to quickly address existing and newfound challenges brought forth because of the pandemic will require increases in security budgets in 2022.

Now more than ever we need to move beyond reactive, and proactively secure our organizations.

It all simply starts with a plan.

We can Help.

Plan the Work. Work the Plan.


Should your Municipality need assistance, contact Michael White Group International today, and we will be happy to answer your questions. Visit



CHANGE OF DATE – Free Training Webinar – Living Through a Ransomware Breach



Due to circumstances outside our control we have had to re-schedule this free training webinar to December 17th.  Our apologies for the change in date.

muniSERV is proud to partner with industry expert Valencia Risk, to invite you to a complimentary 90-minute emergency cybersecurity awareness session on December 17th at 2:00pm EST, Living through a Ransomware Breach.

Presented by Aron Feuer 25 year veteran of the cybersecurity industry, and developed in collaboration with our senior colleague Richard McDonald (former CIO of CSIS and CSE). This session is intended to inform City managers, CAOs CFOs, IT and IT and cybersecurity staff responsible for respond to a breach.

Session Audience

This session is for City, Town and Municipal employees that would be involved in a breach response or information protection. We invite CAO, CFO, CIO, Legal, and Emergency response executives, Council, and Privacy professionals to attend.

Session Description:

When an attack hits, executives must act quickly. In a ransomware breach, City managers are coming in cold, navigating uncharted waters with untested tools and playbooks. This session will describe the importance of being prepared for an attack through sharing the experience of a ransomware outbreak – from initial breach to recovery.  Attendees will learn:

  • What to expect from their cyber-insurance provider, MSSP, and tech partners
  • Where to act fast, and how to make informed decisions during a breach
  • What to measure for Cybersecurity health
  • Why a cybersecurity audit or assessment isn’t the best tool
  • Protecting yourself when you work from home
  • Recovering from a breach post-incident

To register for this event send your RSVP to [email protected]

About Aron Feuer, Managing Director of Valencia IIP

Aron is the managing director of cybersecurity at Valencia. Before Valencia Aron founded Cygnos IT Security as head hacker, and sold the firm to Grant Thornton in 2015. Valencia IIP specializes in cybersecurity, privacy, and cloud. Aron’s work is with the federal government, cities, provinces, fortune firms, national retailers. He’s responded to hacks by Anonymous, lead classified security projects for the government, and run hundreds of penetration tests, risk assessments, simulations and security incident responses. His certifications include CISSP, CISA, CRISC, CRMA, CDPSE and CIPP/C, MCSE


Digital Solutions for Canadian Municipalities

The past few months have been challenging for everyone as we change the way we live, play and work. Many industries have been forced to pivot and find digital solutions to continue serving their customers in the “new normal”. Canadian municipalities are no different. With many municipal offices closed to the public or working at a reduced capacity, there has never been a better time to start introducing digital solutions to work safer and work smarter. Here are some great digital solutions from Canadian muniSERV members to get you started.

Citizen Engagement/Customer Service

 AccessE11 is a Municipal 311, Citizen Issue and Relationship Management platform designed to provide small to mid-sized municipalities with a simple, cost-effective means to manage citizen issues. The platform drives simplicity, reduced administration, stronger decision making and better compliance across specific areas of focus within local government operations. Citizens can report issues and monitor the status of their issue digitally, improving customer service and operational transparency.

Smart City/IoT

 Trilliant has revolutionized how municipalities, cities, energy providers and utilities manage their mission-critical operations. Trilliant connects the world of things (IoT) and incorporates Smart City functionality to new or existing networks. Municipalities can improve the efficiency of their offerings through the implementation of things like advanced metering infrastructure for water, electricity and gas, smart street lighting, smart network sensors and so much more.


 Clik2Pay  is a customer billing payments solution that allows citizens to receive and pay their tax bills or other municipal invoices directly from their smartphone. Municipalities benefit from quicker payments and simplified bill collection, all for less than it costs to pay by debit or credit card.

Payroll Efficiency

 Mother Clock  Inc. is a fully integrated time tracking payroll platform that is modernizing payroll technology. This tablet-based time tracking service is the solution for businesses that want to abandon paper-based processes.  Mobile employees can use their smartphones to clock-in/out with GPS time tracking, increasing accountability.

Cyber Security & Training

 RiskAware provides municipalities with an Information and Cyber Security advantage through governance, training, education and risk management. They can help you assess your digital risks before getting started.

Digital Transformation Consulting

 ArchITectAbility provides IT Advisory, Assurance, Architecture and Governance expert services as well as Business Process Re-engineering offerings. If you’re not sure where to start your digital transformation, here you go!

These are just a few of the great Canadian companies that are helping municipalities go digital. 

Search our  Find a  Consultant database by service, business name, province or city, for even more of our members’ innovative digital solutions, to help municipalities simplify processes and find efficiencies!